A Summary of My Writing and New Systems

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A very brief Outline of My Work - For which in its entirety in every Country State and Territory of the World has not had copyright assigned to any person or group legal or non-legal other than myself.

I write poetry, songs, fiction and non-fiction and develop new ideas and new systems to improve our world. I also design and produce original fashion styles. My art combines poetry and imagination.


As I do not want anymore of my work copied and reproduced without my consent I have only outlined its main points. Read www.desmondlast.com

I have used Questions and Answers on Quora to explain them. The Q&A subjects are on the front page menu. www.showempathy.one


My work includes a system of Economics. A new system to deal with Climate Change. A reform of the United Nations. An International Disaster Response and Preparation System. A Bill of Rights for all Creatures Great and Small. A set of Gun Laws for the U.S. A new Philosophy. A Human Rights Law for those with Mental Health involvement. A new System of providing economic independence to Countries who are currently receiving Government Aid.


I have written a new Philosophy. One which has no barriers to understanding, no aligence to any religion and no benefit other than Peace. It is a development of my understanding of the 'Word of God', and a modern application of the Quran and the Bible in today's world. It is not a theoretical dissection. It begins with a journey into the desert and a search for emotional discovery. It begins with Poetry and ends in Policy.

My understanding of the work of God is written in poetry and then developed into a Philosophy. From this I have produced a form of understanding for those who seek to martyr themselves for God. They are provided with an alternative to the radical use of the 'Word of God' to that offered by ISIS and Al Qaeda. Terrorism will continue to cause deaths and no matter how many troops are put on the streets they will not stop a martyr until God is understood and not used.